Thank You Hurry Before It Wilts Followers

Almost exactly a year ago, I started Hurry Before It Wilts with the goal of learning food photography so that I could have better photos for my blog. Here is a photo from one of my first blog posts, Cooking With Kids – Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.


Tens of thousands of photos later and this is the photo I took yesterday for my 365 Project for my more current blog, Cecile Fusco Photography.

Joe Joes

I have learned so much this past year, not only about photography, but about myself. I’ve learned that no matter what your age is (I’m over 40 – enough said!), you have it in you to discover, nurture, and enjoy new passions if you are willing to put some time into it. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined that I’d become a photographer and blogger at this point in my life. Learning photography and using WordPress for my blog has been such a fun, rewarding, and life-changing experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Hurry Before It Wilts and check out my progress!

I owe everyone an apology though, because I had originally set out to share what I was learning about photography, and that has just not happened the way I had planned it in my head. My thinking was that there were many other food bloggers out there, like me, who wanted to take better photos of their food, but didn’t know too much about photography and went cross-eyed trying to figure out photographic tutorial sites. I wanted to write about it from a beginner’s perspective. Needless to say, life, motherhood, and a cross-country relocation of our family kept me from achieving that goal and I failed (in that) miserably. I ask for your forgiveness.

So much has happened in a year with my photography. I have branched out and also enjoy taking photos of other things besides food, so I started another WordPress site simply called Cecile Fusco Photography. Things have circled around though, and much of my focus will be back on food for the foreseeable future because of an exciting partnership with The Cook’s Nook in Austin, TX. I will be taking photos of food entrepreneurs and their exciting new products and ventures. How cool is that??

In an effort to keep my sanity, I will be fading out this blog and integrating all the posts over to Cecile Fusco Photography. Please follow me on over there, won’t you? I’d love to have you!

Thank you for all the support! Sending you much love.






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