Simplifying Cecile is now Hurry Before It Wilts – Site Under Construction

Greetings to all, especially those of you who have been awesome enough to support me in the infancy of this blog. In two short months you’ve put up with my blog identity crisis; fifty three posts that range from education, toys, books, photography, and food. I’m sure that more than one of you have thought to yourselves, “What is up with this girl? She’s all over the place!” But you clicked on “Follow Me” anyways. You saints 🙂

As you can clearly see, I tweaked the blog design last night. Okay, maybe it’s more like I took a wrecking ball to it. And I can’t promise that it won’t be overhauled again. Choosing a blog design is tricky. You don’t know if you’ll like a template until you’ve paid for it and tinkered around a bit. Hopefully I made the right decision. But it was 4 am in the morning after a full day with a feverish child, so..I can’t promise anything. Enjoy the ride! We’ll get there eventually. It’s been a learning process for me, and that is awesome. Because anytime you learn something, I believe that you expand your ability to enjoy life, to connect with people, and to have more conversations you wouldn’t have been able to have before. I find it so cool that no matter what age we are, we can peel back more layers of ourselves and add to the beautiful complexity of our lives.

I started this blog because I wanted to accomplish something tangible that I could call my own outside of my role as a mommy to two amazing children. I just never got around to telling you that in an “About Me” page because I was too busy putting out recipes and having a ball taking food photos. I unlocked a new passion I didn’t realize was there. Once unleashed, I couldn’t hold it back. I thought my creativity and passion for anything had been detained or even died a little bit the past five years of raising my kids. It’s not their fault, I just had no energy for anything else. But I was wrong. My creativity was working full time, filing away meaningful thoughts in my head. I just had to open the door.

So what’s up with the new name?

After examining my heart I’ve decided to focus this blog on food and sharing my journey to becoming a food photographer. Before this blog, all I knew how to do was point and click. I haven’t advanced much since then, but I have learned a few tricks that have hugely improved the quality of my food photos from blogs that I’ve been reading about photography. I want to share this learning process with others who love taking photos of food but don’t have any formal training, like me, such as other bloggers who are starting out and want to take better photos for their blogs or website. Everyday is an opportunity for me because I am constantly feeding the troops, making up recipes on the fly with whatever is on hand. I read somewhere that food photography is unique in that you have only 15 minutes from when the food is plated to complete your photos before your dish fades from glory, withers and wilts. During that 15 minutes you need to take photos from different angles, in different settings, play with lighting, and in my case, wrestle with the dog who’s constantly trying to eat the props.

Thus was conceived Hurry Before It Wilts, Food & Photography On the Fly.

In retrospect, maybe I should’ve named it Hurry Before the Dog Eats It (chuckle).

Here are a few definitions for On The Fly I found on Free Dictionary:

on the fly

[done] while something or someone is operating or moving.

on the fly

In a hurry, on the run, as in picked up some groceries on the fly.

on the fly

if someone does something on the fly, they do it quickly and without thinking carefully before they do it

These definitions certainly describe how my recipes and photos come about. So, sit back, enjoy the ride, and thank you for your readership!


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  1. I just came upon your blog and I was clicking through it noticing your beautiful photos. I also noticed where you said you had a huge camera and kept it on auto focus for a long time. That is my story also. It sits in my camera bag until I think I’ll try this for a special occasion. Well, that’s mostly a disaster! Then before I put it back in, I twiddle with the settings and it usually gets messed up. Back into the bag until my daughter adjusts it for me. So it’s on my ‘bucket list’ to get this monster to work for me or rather to get me to study how to get drop dead beautiful pictures. I do see some interesting title in your blog. Thanks!!


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