Lucky Shots – Weeeeeeeee!!!!

Many blogs have amazing photos. I love looking at them just to drink them in! Don’t expect that here. Please! I make up for my lack of photographic skills by having a decent camera, this Olympus OM-D E-M10 Compact that my sweet hubby got me as an early Christmas present last year, and the unashamed use of what I call the “Taking Photos for Dummies” button. You know the one. You hold it down and it takes like one million shots of the same moment in one second. Downside? Digging your way through those one millions shots to find the “perfect one”. Upside? Every once in a while you end up with a lucky shot! Here’s mine for the day. I literally point and shot, and voila!! Not bad, right?


This post contains an affiliate link to a product I use and recommend.


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